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ABC’s 'The Bachelorette' Season 19 stars Logan Palmer

Both Gabby And Rachel Might Be Into This Bachelorette Contestant

Please don't let him come between our gals.

(ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Logan Palmer’s quiet confidence won him some attention on the pageant group date of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey’s season of The Bachelorette — and not just for his tiny swimsuit. But if both Gabby and Rachel like him, it could cause some serious drama. Before fans get to see what happens with Logan, here’s everything to know about The Bachelorette’s charismatic contestant.

Logan caught both Gabby and Rachel’s eyes during the first episode of their season when he arrived gripping two chicks and making a punny joke. Although Gabby had some very fair hesitation around touching the chicks, both the leads found Logan’s entrance funny.

During Episode 2, Logan made an even bigger impression, joking around during the group pageant date and owning the ABC-mandated speedo look. That may be because that look isn’t so unfamiliar for him. According to his ABC bio and Instagram, Logan spends a lot of time at the beach. He lives by the water in San Diego and although he loves posting photos with the boys at the beach, his ABC bio says he’s “ready to trade in bachelorhood and find someone to grow with.”

Logan’s bio also gives a hint to why he shone so brightly during the swimsuit portion of the group date: One of his fun facts is, “Logan isn't afraid to skinny dip.” That vulnerability could help him, or get him into some tricky situations this season. Here’s what else to know about him.

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Logan Palmer’s Job

Logan is a videographer in San Diego, California. He’s shared a bit about his job on his Instagram, clarifying that he worked as a camera operator in TV news but Logan’s LinkedIn gives the update that he stopped working in TV news in May 2021 and now his official title is production technician at a company called Raindrop, a marketing firm in San Diego.

Logan’s been working in videography since he graduated from Northern Arizona University in 2018. His major was Strategic Communications with Emphasis in Advertising so it seems his current job is exactly what he was trained to do.

Logan Palmer’s Family & Hometown

Logan is a proud California boy, like a lot of Season 19 contestants — his name on Instagram even includes the word “seagull.” His Instagram is full of pictures of him surfing, swimming, and just generally chilling on the beach. It seems that he grew up in Arizona, where he went to college, and moved to San Diego in 2020 — since then, his family has visited him in his new home.

His IG features photos with him mom, dad, and his sister Sierra, on vacations and in San Diego. His first Instagram post looks like a simple tattoo shot but the caption tells a different story — Logan got the tattoo in honor of a dangerous car accident his family got into in 2016 — this story may come up on the show as Logan starts to open up.

Logan Palmer’s Age

Logan’s birthday is December 14, 1995, making him 26, and a Sagittarius. This astrological sign is known for being open and innovative — perhaps viewers will see that side of Logan as the group dates get even wilder and the drama increases.

Logan Palmer’s Instagram

He may not have a ton of followers — almost 4,000 at the time of writing — but Logan has a pretty clean Instagram, even featuring custom designed story highlight covers. His videography skills show through his photo and videos — it seems he’s a big fan of film cameras. Logan’s IG includes tons of family photos as well as glimpses into his work and play in San Diego.

Based on a couple film photos, Logan even knows how to play the guitar.

Logan Palmer’s Bachelorette Journey

So far, Logan has caught the eyes of both Gabby and Rachel. How far he’ll go remains to be seen.

The Bachelorette continues Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.