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Johnny DePhillippo from Season 19 of 'The Bachelorette'

Here's Everything To Know About Johnny From The Bachelorette

He's looking for a partner with "good hygiene."

ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

The season of two Bachelorettes is finally here, which means it’s time to meet the men of Season 19 who are trying to win over either Rachel Recchia or Gabby Windey. A Bachelorette season with two Bachelorettes means double the chances of each contestant finding a connection. Of course, a contestant might have a bit more in common with one of the Bachelorettes than the other. And that seems to be the case for The Bachelorette’s Season 19 contestant Johnny DePhillippo.

Johnny is one of 32 men going on the journey to find love this season on The Bachelorette, and right off the bat, he has something big in common with Rachel: They’re both from Florida. That might not seem like the biggest deal, but having the same hometown could actually help form a connection. Plus, it would make things easier for them to build a life together in one place. Johnny is “a laid back, simple man who wants to find love just like the rest of us,” according to his ABC bio, so having Florida in common can only help him when it comes to dating Rachel.

Here’s everything else we know about this Bachelorette hopeful as he begins his journey with both Rachel and Gabby.

Johnny DePhillippo’s Real Job

Johnny is a real estate advisor for Compass, where he puts “his extensive experience in sales and communications” to good use in helping people find homes. In his profile on the company website, he talks about how important his childhood home is to him, and how he hopes to help people make the same lasting memories in their own dream homes. Perhaps he’ll put all that passion to good use by building a home with one of this season’s Bachelorettes.

Johnny DePhillippo’s Instagram

Johnny doesn’t seem to use his Instagram a ton, but when he does post, he mostly features his friends in his grid. Family is also really important to Johnny; he says he spends a lot of time “hanging out with his huge, crazy, Italian family.” His Instagram lives up to that claim, with a post devoted to his grandma, who he says “keeps the G in Grandma.”

Johnny DePhillippo Facts

At 25 years old, Johnny’s life is pretty active. He loves to go surfing and fishing with his friends, and is a fan of corny jokes. He also has some very specific requirements for his future partner, including looking for someone with “good hygiene.” It’s a little bit of a strange request, but hey, it’s also a reasonable one, I guess. If all goes well on The Bachelorette, Gabby and Rachel could be checking to see if Johnny meets their requirements too.

Season 19 of The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.