First 'Bachelor In Paradise' Promo Brings Mixed Reactions


Well you heard it from ABC, folks: Bachelor in Paradise is officially back, with a premiere date, a cheeky promo, and everything!

very brief promo during Monday night's episode of the The Bachelorette said,

These words were spoken over various tweets of fans celebrating that Bachelor in Paradise was back on track, after Warner Bros. briefly shut down production to reportedly investigate allegations of sexual misconduct.

The fan reaction to this marketing strategy from ABC is mixed.  It's been almost a month since Warner Bros. announced the investigation of the show was closed, and that production was resuming.

Warner Bros. wrote in a statement to Elite Daily that no misconduct was found when the tapes were reviewed. The statement read,

This statement is at odds with allegations from Bachelor in Paradise contestant Corinne Olympios, who released a statement to TMZ stating she was a "victim." Reports claimed that contestant DeMario Jackson took advantage of Corinne when she was unable to give consent.

So you can see why some fans might find it a tad distasteful for ABC to use this whole sensitive ordeal as a way to advertise for the show.

On the other hand, some fans seemed totally fine with the promo.

Oh, ABC. You truly will never change. (Even though you definitely should.)