Meet The Real Star Of Last Night's 'Bachelor' Premiere: This Tiny Horse

It's everyone's favorite time of the year again: "Bachelor" Mondays.

Last night, the 20th season premiered, and bachelor Ben Higgins officially began his journey to find love. Can I take a moment and talk about how hot he is? Holy sh*t.

Anyway, my favorite episode on "The Bachelor" is ALWAYS the premiere because lots of really weird sh*t goes down.

There are some super bizarre, freaky people in the world, and a lot of the time they end up on this show. It's great.

There are also some really beautiful, classy and intelligent humans out there who make appearances as well and balance out the crazy.

Everyone has a different occupation and dream, so there's really a great variety.

However, one contestant stole the show last night. Yeah, I'm talking about the real winner of the night.

I'm talking about that tiny horse.

One of the contestants is named Maegan, and she grew up with this tiny horse named Huey.

In an attempt to make a powerful first impression, she brought the freaking horse with her. LOL, what? I guess it did leave a lasting mark?

One of her opening lines was, "I hope he doesn't pee on the carpet." The girl really knew how to set the mood.

But to be honest, no one really cared about Maegan in this moment (no offense). All eyes were on Huey.

This boy killed it last night. As soon as he entered the room, he literally stepped on all the dresses with his hooves. He must have been really excited to be there.

Maegan ended up being eliminated, so unfortunately Huey had to leave with her. BUT, don't worry guys, I found him...sort of.


According to Maegan's Instagram, this is Huey. Hmm, Huey looks a little different than he did on the show. WHERE ARE YOUR WHITE SPOTS, BRO?

Perhaps Maegan used a different horse for the show because Huey isn't that well-behaved in real life. He'd probably do this the whole time.

Whatever, I don't care. This horse is my hero, whoever he is.

PLUS, now we all can stalk him on Instagram FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES.

It looks like Maegan and Huey (lol) are ready to sit back, relax and enjoy "The Bachelor." It's OK, Huey, you're the real winner in our hearts.

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