Robin Marchant / Getty Contributor

This Clue Arie Was Going To Be ‘Bachelor’ Was Right In Front Of Us The Whole Time


After months of staring at white walls and waiting for Chris Harrison to make a GODDAMN ANNOUNCEMENT, we finally know who the 2018 Bachelor will be. Arie Luyendyk Jr. will start his journey to find love this January, even though most of Twitter has no clue who the f*ck he is. Luyendyk competed for Emily Maynard's heart back in 2012, aka 2,000 years ago. Half the kids who watched Rachel Lindsay's season probably weren't even born yet. It's gonna be an exciting time and we all should have seen it coming. How?! WELL, BECAUSE THERE WAS A GINORMOUS CLUE ARIE WAS GOING TO BE THE BACHELOR ON TWITTER.

World, meet Kelsey Smith: beauty blogger, Bachelor fan, and hero of the internet. Back on Aug. 7, Smith tweeted,

SPEAK YOUR PIECE, KELSEY. The next day, Luyendyk quoted her tweet and wrote,

GOOSEBUMPS. I literally DMed Kelsey to find out, uh, HOW THE F*CK SHE KNEW ARIE WAS GONNA BE THE BACHELOR. Is she a psychic? A wizard? Be my best friend, Kelsey. She tells me,

AMEN. She convinced me; team Arie for life. Clearly Arie has a strong fanbase. Kelsey says she's been a diehard Bachelor fan for a while, so she's familiar with a lot of the old casts:

Congrats to Arie on becoming the next Bachelor and congrats to Kelsey for becoming my new best friend. You both just won the jackpot.