Marvin and Melinda won big on 'Too Hot To Handle,' but fans don't know if they're still together aft...

Marvin And Melinda Have A Sweet Ending On Too Hot To Handle — But Did It Last?

Let's investigate.

by Dylan Kickham

There was one couple on Season 2 of Too Hot To Handle that kept fans guessing in every single episode. Marvin and Melinda’s on-again-off-again relationship was wildly turbulent from the jump, as the duo constantly played mind games with each other leading to about a million breakups and makeups over the span of the season. But in the end, it really looked like they had worked through their issues and were on track to become a strong, committed couple. Then again, long distance isn’t easy, and now that they have an ocean between them, Too Hot To Handle fans really want to know if Marvin and Melinda are still together or not.

Marvin and Melinda weren’t exactly a match made in heaven at the start of Too Hot To Handle Season 2. Although Melinda was immediately invested in Marvin, the Parisian player didn’t want to be tied down and flirted with pretty much everyone. A jealous Melinda got back at Marvin by kissing Peter, leading to an icy breakup when Marvin found out. This dynamic played out time and time again throughout the season, as Marvin continued to play the field and Melinda attempted to make him jealous by cozying up to someone else. However, they seemed to be the couple to benefit the most from the retreat workshops, and towards the end of the season, Marvin and Melinda were done playing games and ready to fully commit to one another.


In fact, their relationship evolved so much that Marvin wound up being voted the sole winner of the season, banking $55,000 in honor of his transformation. He had also asked Melinda to be his girlfriend right before the season’s end, which definitely made it seem promising that they would continue their romance after the show, but as of the finale’s airdate on Wednesday, June 30, neither Marvin nor Melinda has revealed if they’re still together or not.

Both Marvin and Melinda have been flirty on Instagram, liking one another’s photos and leaving positive comments, so they at the very least don’t hate each other. But pretty much everyone in the cast has been sharing the love on social media, so it’s not enough to confirm anything. Plus, their recent posts have confirmed Marvin is back in Paris and Melinda is still living in New York, and a long-distance relationship continents apart honestly sounds tougher than any of Lana’s rules.

Since the finale only just aired, Marvin and Melinda are probably waiting a bit for fans to watch the whole season before they reveal where they stand now, so keep your eyes on their Instagram accounts over the next few days to see what they have to say.