Carly and Joey's relationship on 'Too Hot To Handle' Season 2 may have surprised fans, but it really...

Let's Talk About Carly And Joey’s Relationship Status After Too Hot To Handle

Because the fans need to know.


The new season of Too Hot To Handle hit fans with an unexpected switch-up in its second half. At first, it looked like Carly was definitely going to end up with Chase, but after an explosive breakup and an influx of new contestants, Carly was able to move on with the fun-loving Joey, and their brief but cute romance wound up being a highlight of the final few episodes. While they didn’t spend as much time together as the rest of the couples, Carly and Joey ended on a strong note, and Too Hot To Handle fans are curious as to whether Carly and Joey are still together after the show. While they haven’t officially revealed their current relationship status yet, there are some pretty eyebrow-raising clues on Carly’s Instagram.

Carly coupled up with Chase pretty much right away when Season 2 began, and the two were basically inseparable for the first half of the season. However, things fell apart once Lana distributed the green-light watches. No matter how hard they tried, Carly and Chase just could not get a green light, which led Carly to the realization that Chase was closed off from showing her the affection she wanted. After a heated argument, the couple split up, and it was fortuitous timing since a new crop of hotties was about to enter the villa. When Chase immediately began seeing Tabitha, Carly was more sure of her decision to leave him in the past than ever, and she set her sights on newcomer Joey to help her move on. In the end, Carly learned to stand up for herself and go after what she truly wants and deserves in a relationship. The inspiring transformation even earned Carly a spot in the final three, but she wound up losing the grand prize to Marvin after a cast vote.


Despite the loss, Carly got to leave Too Hot To Handle on a positive note, having seemingly started a new relationship with Joey. Neither Carly nor Joey has revealed if they are still together or not, but Carly’s location tags on Instagram could be a clue. In the past several months following that, Carly was living it up in Joey’s hometown of Miami. The Toronto native first revealed she was in Miami in a post on New Year’s Day, and seemingly stayed there for at least a month and a half. Given the timing, it definitely seems like Carly and Joey kept things going for at least a short while after the show.

Since the finale only just aired, Carly and Joey are likely going to keep their relationship status a secret for a bit longer so Too Hot To Handle fans have time to watch the whole season, but keep an eye on their socials in the coming days to find out if they’re still going strong or have moved on from one another.