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Brittany Galvin and Tyler Norris in 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 8

Brittany & Tyler Gave A Somber Update On Their Post-BIP Relationship

Well, that was uncomfortable.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

The first night of the Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 finale saw a mass exodus from the beach. Some couples broke up, while others just wanted to leave without the pressure of an engagement. Brittany Galvin and Tyler Norris were in the latter category. They left Paradise together having said “I love you” to each other and ready to explore life in the real world together. But just because they left as a happy couple does not mean they’re still one today. Here’s everything to know about the state of Brittany and Tyler’s relationship after BIP.

Brittany was part of the original cast of BIP Season 8, but Tyler joined partway through during “the Big Split,” when a whole new group of men and women joined the cast to mix things up. Even though Tyler was a late addition this season, he and Brittany hit it off right away.

“The first night, we talked for hours,” Tyler told Bustle. “Everyone else went to bed, and we were up until 3 or 4 a.m., just talking. Right then and there, I was like, OK, obviously I have something good. We can talk about anything. It’s fun. My head was just thinking that I found something pretty awesome.”

ABC/Craig Sjodin

After the final rose ceremony of BIP Season 8, Brittany was unsure about where things stood with Tyler because they hadn’t used the big “L” word with each other yet. She said that she wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving Paradise with Tyler without knowing that they were in love. Luckily for Brittany, their conversation went really well. They told each other that they loved each other and agreed to explore their relationship in the real world. “I’m excited for life outside of here with you,” Tyler told Brittany.

When Tyler and Brittany left Paradise, they made plans to meet each other’s families and explore a real-world relationship. They seemed hopeful about their future, but their attitude was very different during the finale on Nov. 22. Tyler somberly walked out to the set by himself and revealed that they broke up in the time since BIP Season 8 filming wrapped. “You think that you found something that could potentially be forever,” he said. “I thought that I had that. I didn’t.”

Tyler explained that they met each other’s families like they planned, but when Tyler invited Brittany to Los Angeles, she declined. But a few days later, Brittany flew to Europe and FaceTimed Tyler while she was there to break things off with him. The especially brutal part is that she broke things off the same day his breakup with Rachel Recchia on The Bachelorette aired.

Tyler seemed pretty hurt by the whole situation, but Brittany explained her point of view. She said that she didn’t feel 100 percent confident in their relationship anymore. She was frustrated by how intense he was about their relationship, and they both agreed that there was a lack of communication in the real world.

It was a sad ending for a couple that seemed to truly be in love Paradise. But, the truth is, sometimes BIP couples get a wake-up call when they enter the real world, and that was unfortunately the case for Brittany and Tyler.