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Brandon Jones and Serene Russell in 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 8

Here's Why Brandon & Serene Decided Not To Get Married On BIP

Honestly, I get it.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

If there was one thing clear throughout all of Bachelor In Paradise Season 8, it’s the fact that Brandon Jones and Serene Russell were a strong couple. The two were basically attached at the hip from day one on the beach, so it was no surprise when they were one of the two couples to get engaged in Mexico at the end of the season. Branon and Serene were such a solid couple that they were even given the opportunity to get married on the beach before they even left Paradise. However, Brandon and Serene decided not to get married on BIP, and they have a very good reason.

During the Nov. 22 finale of BIP Season 8, Brandon and Serene got engaged on the beach in a heartfelt, teary-eyed moment. But their proposal wasn’t the end of their romantic Paradise finale moment, thanks to the BIP producers. Right after they got engaged, host Jesse Palmer appeared and asked if they wanted to get married on the beach, right then and there. Apparently, Jesse got ordained the night beforethe proposal and was ready to officiate their wedding. Brandon and Serene shared a moment of trepidation before the show left the audience on a cliffhanger.

Brandon Jones and Serene Russell in 'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 8

During “After the Final Rose,” Brandon and Serene revealed their response to Jesse’s proposal, which was basically, “Thanks, but no thanks.” They explained that they’re both very family-oriented and wanted to make sure that both their families are present for their wedding. But don’t let that worry you; the two are very much in love and committed to their relationship. “We love each other so much, we’re gonna get married regardless,” Brandon said.

While it would have been very exciting to see this season end with a Paradise wedding, it totally makes sense that Brandon and Serene would want to have their families around them on one of the most important days of their lives, rather than just Jesse Palmer and a handful of camera people.

Since getting engaged in Paradise, Brandon and Serene are happily enjoying their engagement, making them the one and only engaged couple to to last after BIP Season 8. Whenever they’re ready to get married, Jesse will be there ready to make it happen.