This 'Love Actually' Actor Says His 'Romantic' Character Was A Stalker

When it comes to love, there's a fine line between persistence and stalking. And, according to actor Andrew Lincoln, his character in 2003 rom-com “Love Actually” totally crossed that line.

In the film, Lincoln's character, Mark, falls in love with his best friend's wife, Juliet (played by Keira Knightley). In one particularly memorable scene, Mark arrives on Juliet's doorstep with a stack of notecards on which he'd written his feelings for her.

He silently flips through the cards to profess his love, while Juliet's husband — Mark's best friend — sits unaware in the other room. Though the iconic scene is largely regarded as romantic, some -- Lincoln included -- aren't convinced.

The actor told TheWrap,

[Mark] is a stalker. That was my question to [writer and director] Richard Curtis, 'Do you not think we're sort of borderline stalker territory here?' And he said, 'No, no. Not with you playing it, darling. You'll be alright.'

The “Walking Dead” actor even admitted he was glad his character didn't end up with Juliet in the end, saying,

I quite like the fact that I'm in one of the most romantic movies playing the only guy who doesn't get the girl. It's like, I did this film called 'Moonshot.' Everybody else got to go to the moon and I was the only guy who didn't go. So I think it's a running thing in my characters. I'm the guy who doesn't get the girl or go to the moon.

Whomp, whomp. Guess there's no love for Lincoln.

Watch the supposed “stalker” scene from "Love Actually" below and tell us what you think: Is Mark's move cute, or creepy?

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