Amy Schumer Gets Super Emotional About Her Struggle With Body Image (Video)


Goddamn, Amy Schumer, you are every woman.

The comedienne recently joined Goodwill Industries in an effort to provide women the tools to dress in ways that make them feel confident and conquer their insecurities.

In an interview on the "Today" show, Schumer told Maria Shriver,

When her “Trainwreck” stylist, Leesa Evans, found pieces to flatter the 34-year-old's frame, Schumer felt endless gratitude for the self-assuredness that accompanied a panic-free wardrobe.

She emotionally shared,

Finally, someone who understands women have diverse bodies and no clues on how to dress them. Although Schumer's jokes can be self-deprecating, she undoubtedly feels incredible while delivering them.

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