15 Leslie Knope Quotes To Remind You Mondays Aren't So Bad

You know who would never fall asleep at her desk, even on a Monday? Leslie Knope.

Maybe your morning coffee buzz is waning, and you need a little extra Monday motivation to help you get through the final stretch. Leslie Knope is here to help.

Leslie Knope believes in you. Leslie Knope knows you can get through these next few hours. Leslie Knope thinks you are a beautiful tropical fish who can do anything you set your mind to.

Amy Poehler is up for a Screen Actors Guild Award this weekend for playing Leslie Knope in the final season of "Parks and Recreation," and after all the inspiration this character brought me over the years, she better damn well win.

In the meantime, this Monday might be a rough one, but know pure ray of sunshine Leslie Knope thinks you can make it, and maybe that's all the motivation you'll need today.

1. Leslie Knope never lets the haters get in the way of how awesome she knows she is, and neither should you.

2. Don't hold back when you know you're good at something. Leslie wouldn't.

3. Just close your eyes, and imagine Leslie Knope weirdly complimenting you.

4. Know you look fabulous today, and own it.

5. Take a moment to be as proud of your accomplishments as Leslie is about her subcommittee.

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6. Keep your eyes on the prize because, like Leslie, you deserve to win.

7. Leslie Knope stays true to herself no matter the situation.

8. She knows alcohol and sugar are sometimes the best solutions.

9. She's no stranger to faking it 'til she makes it.

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10. Like Leslie, be grateful for the little things in life such as good beverages and hot guys.

11. Sometimes, a little violence helps, though it's probably best it stays imaginary.

12. Honesty and communication are always key.

13. After all, Leslie proved all the inspiration we really need is inside ourselves.

14. She taught us all to always remember what is really important in life: friends and waffles.

15. Mondays suck, but at least, like Leslie, you're being chill about it, right?

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