This 'American Horror Story'-Themed Wedding Was Scarily Romantic

by Hope Schreiber

Nothing says "I'll love you forever" quite like throwing a wedding themed around a TV show that's filled with murder, ghosts, witches and freaks.

For Michael Scola and Jordan Rodarte, that type of thing just screams romance...

So they threw an "American Horror Story"-themed wedding.


Here's the happy couple.

The two met through work in 2010, and Michael asked him to marry him in August of 2015 at the Versace mansion in Miami.

They were wed on October 29 in the Halloween appropriate ceremony.

It took place at the real Hotel Cortez AKA the Oviatt Penthouse in Downtown LA.

It was where the exterior shots of the fifth season were filmed.

Jordan told the Huffington Post,

We've been fans of the show since the beginning and always have super themed premiere parties for every season at our vintage West Hollywood apartment.

Even Naomi Grossman, who played Pepper, served as the couple's ring bearer.



Jordan said,

She was a delight and having a cast member there really sealed the deal! She was a fan favorite.

One guest even dressed as Denis O'Hare's Liz Taylor character from "Hotel."

This was a truly spooky affair.

The couple went all out.

The invitations even had the same font from the show.

In place of escort cards, guests found their names on hotel tags attached to skeleton keys.

Even the photo booth featured masks of Lady Gaga as The Countess, Pepper and Twisty the Clown.

Guests were also encouraged to dress in 1920s-style garb.


This looks like the perfect way to spend Halloween weekend.

Getting to celebrate your friends' love and rock out at a perfectly themed party? Ideal.

I feel like the cake was probably filled with blood-curdling butter creams!

The two even made their own wedding trailer based after the show.

We're wishing the couple many spooky and happy years together!

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