‘AHS: Cult’ Clues From Comic-Con Are Scary As Hell

Today is a great day to be an American Horror Story fan. After we found out earlier this year the new season would tackle the 2016 presidential election cycle, we've been patiently waiting for Ryan Murphy to reveal the Season 7 title and last night he did not disappoint us.

The showrunner told fans on Twitter the newest installment of his psychological-thriller-horror series would be called AHS: Cult and, naturally, we all got excited because now we can start putting together theories about how this theme might work with the election storyline.

Twitter wasn't the first to learn the new title. Murphy announced the highly anticipated name for the season at San Diego's Comic-Con last night where fans were able to see a new teaser trailer for the upcoming chapter, as well.

As creepy as the promo trailer is, though, the AHS material at Comic-Con might just have it beat, believe it or not. Pictures and videos from the event have made their way online and, from the looks of them, this season is definitely going to keep us awake every Wednesday night.

As usual, when it comes to American Horror Story, it's hard to piece together any kind of cohesive meaning from the images and videos above. The show loves to keep us guessing. There are groups of people hugging or dancing, several beehives, terrifying hooded clowns, and flashing lights – all of which doesn't really give us any concrete info. about the new season.

One thing you can notice for sure looking at the clothing of the people dancing and the makeup on the clown's faces, though, is the predominant colors in the footage are red and blue, the traditional colors of the Republican and Democratic parties. Most likely, this is a nod to the season's political backdrop, but, again, it's hard to predict how any of this will work together.

Will the season be rooted in historical legends like past seasons? Or will it imagine an entirely new, terrifying universe like The Purge? I guess we'll have to wait until September to start answering these questions.