Cody Fern in the AHS Season 10 finale promo

The AHS Season 10, Episode 10 Promo Teases The Fate Of The Future

The perfect specimen is coming.

by Ani Bundel

American Horror Story: Double Feature has been a wild ride. The first half of the season, “Red Tide,” was a story about the horror of addiction to fame and fortune and creativity. But the back half, “Death Valley,” has taken a completely different tack, giving AHS fans the first alien-centric storyline the series has ever done, with a bifurcated past/present set of storylines that take on everything from Velcro to the moon landing. And the American Horror Story Season 10, Episode 10 promo promises that the finale will be nothing short of historic.

Warning: Spoilers for American Horror Story Season 10, Episode 9 follow. “Death Valley” opened with the arrival of aliens on Earth in the 1950s in one timeline, while in the present-day, a group of college kids, including brand new couple Cal and Troy, headed out on a terrible camping trip. In both cases, calamities ensue. In the 1950s, Amelia Earhart turned up pregnant with an alien baby, who then slaughtered a room full of doctors and its mom; in the present day, the campers were also impregnated with alien babies-to-be — including both Cal and Troy.

In the penultimate episode, the babies came to term, and both Troy and Cal gave birth, and in both cases, the results weren’t pretty. Troy’s baby was deemed less than the ideal specimen and was slaughtered almost as fast as it was C-sectioned from whatever organ housed it. Heartbroken and horrified, Cal and Troy planned to escape with their one remaining baby, but it had other plans. Cal ended up giving birth on the fake moon landing set with Troy holding his hands, only for the baby to go full face-hugger, since there was no one ready to slaughter its imperfectly perfect tentacles.

The trailer for the season finale promises it’s going to get a whole lot weirder:

Meanwhile, the synopsis addresses Mamie Eisenhower’s tryst with the alien visitor, Valiant Thor: “Mamie takes matters into her own hands. The fate of the future is revealed.”

Whether or not Mamie and Thor’s relations are vital to continuing the alien experimentation to create the perfect hybrid that can survive on Earth remains to be seen. But fans are more concerned about Cal’s survival, and if he and Troy and alien baby can make three, or if this is all about to bring about the end of the human race as we know it.

Or, this could all turn out to be the brainchild of a writer in Los Angeles having been fed a little black beauty by the Chemist. But that’s only if you’re still holding on to hope the two halves of Double Feature will reconcile into one.

The American Horror Story: Double Feature finale will premiere on Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2021, at 10 p.m. ET on FX.