Amber Rose Gives Dax Shepard Advice On Foursomes With Kristen Bell And Conan

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Dax Shepard is so invested in having an orgy with Kristen Bell, Conan O'brien and Conan's wife, he's even asking Amber Rose for advice.

Don't ask me to explain these things. I do not understand Dax Shepard any more than you do.

On Tuesday, both Dax and Amber were guests on "Conan," and somehow the conversation quickly devolved to foursome talk.

It started by Dax sharing his appreciation of the male body and Conan's physique. Apparently Dax had his hands all over Conan's biceps before the show.

Soon Dax was offering up himself and his wife, Kristen Bell (who was not present, but Dax seemed sure she would be down), for a foursome with Conan and his wife, Liza Powel O'Brien.

Then later when it was Amber's turn on the show, Dax asked for her advice on how to orchestrate the orgy because he really was not letting go of that joke no matter how uneasy it was making everybody.

Amber Rose, bless her, actually tried to give Dax some serious sex advice when he asked if she supported his idea. She said,

Yeah... if everyone is comfortable with the situation. Always use a new condom for each woman to be very safe.

That's very good advice, Amber.

However, I feel safe in saying Dax Shepard was the only person there who was comfortable with the situation.

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