Aly Michalka shared that an 'Easy A' sequel is in the works.

Aly Michalka Revealed An Easy A Sequel Is In The Works, So Get Pumped

I'm so here for this.

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Hollywood has put modern twists on loads of classic stories over the years, but there’s something special about Easy A. The 2010 comedy turns Nathaniel Hawthorne’s iconic novel The Scarlet Letter into a story about clean-cut teenager Olive (Emma Stone) embracing her tawdry identity after her lie that she lost her virginity spreads through the entire high school. It still holds up over a decade later, and fans will be happy to know that a potential Easy A sequel is in the works, per Aly Michalka’s recent quotes.

In a recent interview, singer and actor Aly Michalka (who played Olive’s best friend, Rhiannon) told E! News that a follow-up film is currently being discussed. “That actually is semi-real,” she confirmed. However, it might not follow Olive and her love interest Todd (played by You star Penn Badgley). “It would be kind of like a new retelling, but you’d see some of the characters from the original come back into the story,” Michalka added.

Even if that doesn’t happen, the “Potential Breakup Song” singer has another behind-the-scenes secret that’s sure to excite fans: A never-before-seen, R-rated, and “very raunchy” version of Easy A exists. Apparently, the teen comedy was originally meant to be rated R, but was scaled back to a PG-13 rating when released. As Michalka puts it, “I think it probably made it more successful to not be an R-rated movie.”

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This isn’t the only time an Easy A sequel or spinoff has been brought up. Back in 2019, Variety reported that the film was getting a spinoff set at the same high school that would center on the same themes of sex, social status, and scheming. That film never actually came to fruition, but it sounds very similar to the one Michalka recently described. Maybe things are finally rolling on the project, or it’s something new altogether.

Regardless of what the truth is, both Michalka sisters have fond memories of Easy A. “I remember really enjoying being on the set, because I liked the people a lot. Like all the cast was really fun," AJ Michalka told E! News. "And I also liked seeing Aly exercise her comedy chops as much as she was able to in that movie, which you hadn't fully done yet in a film."

Fingers crossed Michalka will show up in the sequel!