Alaska and Bob the Drag Queen revealed they weren't invited for 'Drag Race's all winners season, 'Al...

2 Of Drag Race's Most Iconic Winners Revealed They Weren't Invited For AS7

Face crack of the century.


Drag Race fans have been clamoring for an all-winners season for years, and Mother Ru finally delivered with All Stars 7. Unlike any season before it, the seventh iteration of All Stars features a cast comprised of only queens who have won Drag Race before. However, not every past winner was given the opportunity to come back, and two of the franchise’s most famous queens opened up about their reactions to the snub. Alaska and Bob the Drag Queen’s quotes about not being asked to participate in All Stars 7 do not hold back... oh, at all.

Obviously, after 14 regular seasons and six All Stars seasons (not to mention multiple international spinoffs), the first all-winners season of Drag Race couldn’t include every single queen who has won the show. So, All Stars 7 cherry-picked a good mix of winners to represent different facets of the series, from OG fashion queen Raja to recent lockdown legend Jaida Essence Hall, with some international flair thrown in courtesy of Drag Race UK winner The Vivienne. Of course, every Drag Race fan has their own personal favorites, so it was inevitable that some people would be bummed to not see their fave winners return. In particular, All Stars 2 champion Alaska and Season 8 winner Bob the Drag Queen are two standout winners among the fandom, but it turns out, they weren’t even asked to compete on the new season.

Bob has gone down as one of the most dominating winners in Drag Race history, and became one of the most successful drag queens in the biz after getting her crown. But when the All Stars 7 cast was announced on April 13, Bob tweeted she was in “shock.” Obviously, that was a bit tongue-in-cheek since she must’ve known the season had filmed (her sister Monét X Change is on the cast), but she later revealed on her podcast Sibling Rivalry that she really wasn’t asked to compete in the season at all.

“I want everyone to know I was not busy. I literally just did not get a call,” Bob said. “They did not reach out to me. So I want everyone to know: I was free as a bird with its tail in the breeze. I was helping Monét get ready, actually.”


She also threw a bit of shade at the season with a telling side-eye during her Instagram video reviewing the cast’s reveal looks. The lack of invite for Bob is especially surprising considering she’s the winner who has most openly talked about wanting to compete on an all-winners season in the past, so it’s understandable if she’s a bit upset.

Bob’s not alone, though. Fellow Drag Race winner Alaska also revealed she didn’t get a call for AS7, despite sharing Bob’s Drag Race superfan status, love for competition, and also being one of the most iconic winners. When she began recapping the season on her podcast Race Chaser, Alaska got real about how not being invited to be on the season hurt her emotionally.

“When I wasn't asked to be on [All Stars 7], I was very, very emotional and I was very, very hurt and sad by that,” Alaska admitted, going on to say she was apprehensive about recapping the season due to her hurt feelings. “So, I was like, ‘Is this going to be too hard? Is it going to be really difficult for me to even watch and talk about it?’” But after some time, Alaska was able to celebrate the new format and all the queens on the all-winners season: “I just have to say that it’s really so incredible, and I’m so glad that this is happening, and I’m so glad that this is happening with these girls.”

Plus, not all hope is lost for Bob and Alaska to sashay into the Werk Room once more. Drag Race has more than enough winners to do a second all-winners season in the future, and based on their popularity and clear interest, Bob and Alaska seem like shoo-ins for that potential cast.