This Theory About Taissa Farmiga In 'AHS: Roanoke' Makes Too Much Sense


If you've been watching "American Horror Story: Roanoke," you've probably gotten used to the idea that the whole season has basically devolved into a show-within-a-show within a really haunted house.

You have actors playing characters who are playing other characters in the show.

And then you also have Kathy Bates stealing every goddamn scene she's in with her spot-on, pirate-like Original Pronunciation.

Yes, let those hard "R"s roll, Kathy!

Well, it appears like there might be yet another documentary film layer added to the bloody sixth season of the show, which has been full of pig people, gory deaths and alcoholics looking to get a slice of redemption.

Here's the newest teaser for this week's episode that all but confirms that the show will jump ahead to another docuseries format.

Well, in case you missed it, here's a still from the teaser for episode nine that may feature none other than "AHS" alum Taissa Farmiga.


Is this backpacker actually Taissa, her doppelgänger OR A GHOST THAT IS HAUNTING MY YOUTUBE PLAYER?

OK, this character definitely has Taissa's long hair, and her chin seems to match Taissa's as well.

My guess?

Regardless, I don't think her character will last very far into the rest of the series because anyone using a selfie stick probably doesn't have a long shelf life on "American Horror Story."

The internet is already abuzz with potential theories about Taissa's involvement with the show after the above teaser trailer dropped.

With some of the characters wearing GoPros, it's clear that this technology will be the found footage source for at least the next episode.

"Oh, how I love watching GoPro footage for long periods of time," said no one ever.

We'll have to wait until Wednesday night to see if this theory proves to be correct.

Until then, the only American horror story we can watch is the election.

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