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9 Genius Pieces Of Advice From Khloé Kardashian We Should All Listen To

Khloé Kardashian is our generation's Plato.

Seriously, think about it. Try and name another major public figure who gifted Millennials with more on-point words of advice than Khloé.

OK, yes, MAYBE Malala Yousafzai. But, like, after Malala, def Khloé.

Although, I will argue, Khloé has more followers on Twitter, and Malala still doesn't have her own line of signature perfume scents.

Step up your game, Malala.

I mean, listen to this quote, and tell me with complete sincerity you can tell whether Plato or Khloé said it:

Love is a serious mental disease.

Plato said it! But, that could have easily been some beautiful piece of advice Khloé gives Kylie after a night of fighting with Tyga or Kris when she's wondering why Corey Gamble is dating her.

In order to plug her new book and your new bible, “Strong Looks Better Naked,” Khloé decided to grace fans on Twitter with a little free advice, asking followers to tweet her questions using #khloekchat.

Khloé says it's impossible to do anything alone.

Khloé says h8ers and tr8ers to the left.

Khloé says you'll be fine, so you'll be fine.

Khloé says you should feel as bad as possible.

Khloé says life isn't a competition, BUT YOU SHOULD STILL WIN IT.

Khloé says results will happen if you give it a goddamn minute.

Khloé says perspire.

Khloé says you should get into fights with invisible demons.

Khloé says buy her book.

You are all better people for reading this.