Adele's Raw Vocals From 'Saturday Night Live' Are Absolutely Unreal (Video)

OK, we all knew Adele's voice was really, really, really, REALLY good, but holy effing vocal gods, this raw mic feed from her performance on this past week's "SNL" is unlike anything you will ever hear.

If you would have asked me a week ago if there was any way you could improve the song “Hello,” I would have told you,

No. Not possible. Not unless every listening to it was done on a gold yacht captained by Demi Lovato and sponsored by the concept of breakfast burritos.

Then, this raw mic feed got uploaded to the Web, and I don't think I'll ever be able to cry at anything else ever again.

It has ruined the concept of emotions for me.

Hey, seeing recently birthed babies, watching a sunset for the last time with a dying family member and dancing with your grandmother at your wedding but knowing full well she won't make it through Christmas, step up your game.

Adele eats emotional crap like you for breakfast AND asks for seconds.

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