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Adele Is Literally All Of Us When It Comes To Working Out At The Gym (Photo)

The gym exists to break the human spirit under the guise of a “healthy” and “fun” physical necessity, but there are those among us who know the truth.

Adele, a breathtakingly evolved member of the human race in every capacity, isn't fooled by shiny machines and clean facilities.

To physically prepare herself for a long and taxing, albeit magical, world tour beginning in February, Adele hit the gym in spite of it being a bastion of unadulterated misery.

This vocal powerhouse knows she needs to build upper body strength in the event her tour bus pops a tire and veers off the road without a jack. Strong from training in the temple of doom (aka her gym, duh) and fueled by adrenaline, Adele will be able to lift the bus with her left hand and change the tire with her right.

For saviors of humanity, like Adele, the gym is just a necessary evil.

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