Adele Singing 'Hello' On Live TV Is The Only Thing You Need To See Today (Video)

Adele is the most powerful woman alive, and that's a fact.

Every time she speaks, breathes or moves, our lives are destroyed. All of them. Every. Single. One.

AND DEAR LORD, when this woman sings, don't even get me started. Her voice is so angelic, our hearts and minds literally cannot handle it.

If you haven't heard her new single "Hello," then IDK what's wrong with you. I've been playing this song on repeat since the moment it was released. I LOVE YOU, ADELE, HELLO FROM THE OTHER SIDEEEEEE!

OK, but there's more news. Our goddess queen just performed the single LIVE for the first time. Like, she stood on a stage in all of her glory and sung her heart out for the world to see.

This appearance was the first time Adele performed on stage since singing "Skyfall" at the Academy Awards in 2013. That means you know it was emotional.

Below you can see a preview of her performance. I hope you're ready to be blown away and brought to tears.


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