All Of Adele's Behind-The-Scenes Instagram Photos Are Truly Incredible

by Taylor Ortega

Adele's behind-the-scenes photos shared via, where else, her fresh new Instagram prove how much she missed her fans during her music and social media hiatus.

Basically, everything this smokey-eyed gift from heaven does inspires us all as human beings, whether she wants to or not.

She keeps her skin smooth with the hides of newborn jellyfish just for us.

She brings her blurry twin along for TV appearances to give us twice the Adele we've been missing (they're both named Adele… It's a whole thing).

She rehearses in sneakers because she is #justlikeus and #blessed to have #feet.

She double-checks arrangements to make sure the fans are served top-shelf Adele glory.

She gets a fancy hairdo to remind everyone the HBIC is back to kick some emotional ballad ass.

She wears flannels while she figures out the perfect windy music video shot to be recreated by anyone with a manicure, a fur coat and a broken heart.

She records life-affirming songs that make us all want to be better people, but also wallow in the sorrow of every missed connection and broken promise.

She is nature.

She is youth.

She is queen.

Oh Adele, we all missed you, too.