Adam Levine Is Making A TV Show About Celebrities Surprising Their Fans

by Katie Corvino

Adam Levine is getting ready to make thousands of people's greatest dreams come true.

It all started with his music video for "Sugar." In it, Levine and the members of Maroon 5 surprised couples on their wedding days by being the house band.

The video gained nearly a billion views. It was so impressive, NBC officially decided to create a spin-off show where different celebrities surprise fans during monumental moments in their lives.

David Dobkin directed the music video and will also be directing the spin-off.

When talking about the series, NBC reportedly said,

Working with a team of improv experts who create the element of surprise, these stars give their fans a moment together they will never forget and turn their already special event into something extraordinary.

You hear that, Amy Schumer? My birthday's in January. I hope to see you there.

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