Grace Park as Katherine and Nikiva Dionne as Shanice in 'A Million Little Things'

This New A Million Little Things Promo May Tease A New LGBTQ+ Storyline

Plus, a possible Gary and Maggie reunion?

(ABC/Darko Sikman)

In Season 3 of A Million Little Things, Katherine (Grace Park) took a major step in uncoupling from Eddie (David Giuntoli) when she began dating her colleague, Alan (Terry Chen). It was the first time the lawyer had ever felt strongly for someone other than her husband. While that relationship didn’t pan out, the promo for A Million Little Things Season 4, Episode 5 hints at another burgeoning romance for Katherine — this time with a potential partner she probably didn’t expect.

Last season, the show introduced Shanice (Nikiva Dionne) to the cast. An A-list actor, Shanice was supposed to star in Rome’s (Romany Malco) film, which, unfortunately, was indefinitely postponed. But Shanice grew close to both Rome and Regina (Christina Moses), and their professional relationship turned personal. At the beginning of Season 4, Rome set up a hangout between Shanice and Katherine so their kids could meet. Not only did Theo (Tristan Byon) grew close to Shanice’s daughter, but the two moms clearly hit it off, despite Katherine initially being very starstruck by one of her favorite actors suddenly being in her home.

In the next episode, Shanice attended Katherine’s divorce party and the two shared a heartwarming moment afterward, when they got candid about their failed relationships. The scene also opened up the door for a possibility that the actor and the lawyer may be more than just friends, as their chemistry was undeniable. And judging by the promo for the Oct. 20 episode, it looks like that’s where things are headed as the two plan a “date.”

But while one love story is possibly blossoming, Gary’s (James Roday Rodriguez) is wilting away. In Episode 4, Darcy (Floriana Lima) finally confronted Gary about Peter (Andrew Leeds). When he admitted he lied about his whereabouts the night Peter was attacked, she broke up with him. In an emotional scene, Darcy revealed that while she loved Gary, but wasn’t willing to risk her son getting hurt, especially if Gary eventually gets in trouble for what happened to Peter.

But all hope may not be lost for Mr. Mendez. The promo reveals Maggie (Allison Miller) checking in on a dour Gary, which has viewers wondering whether the two will rekindle their romance. However, Gary is still in love with Darcy and probably won’t be ready for a new relationship anytime soon. Still... he once was in love with Maggie, and although Maggie has seemed to move on, she clearly still has some kind of feelings about her ex-boyfriend too. So, it looks like this love triangle is going to get more complicated.

And last but certainly not least, the promo teases a new calling for Rome. In Episode 4, Rome’s dreams were dashed when he found out the streaming service he sold his documentary to only bought his film to keep with from outshining a similar documentary. But in the promo, he tells Regina he plans to hit the road and show his documentary at schools and other venues across the country. It’s nice to see Rome finally doing things on his own terms.

A Million Little Things returns Wednesday, Oct. 27, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.