8 Leslie Jones Quotes That Prove She's A Legend In The Making

by Adam Maidment

The new "Ghostbusters" reboot stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones, as they take out ghosts in New York City. The film has gained "SNL" rookies, McKinnon and Jones, more attention, as they branch out into their first roles in a feature film.

Leslie Jones started work at "Saturday Night Live" as a writer before being promoted to a featured cast member. Since then, she's become a regular on Weekend Update, and stared in some of the best sketches in recent times, including "Back Home Ballers" and "New Annie."

If you're new to Leslie Jones' pure wit and ability to steal the room then here's nine of her best quotes that not only show she's someone you desperately want to be friends with, but also a legend in the making.

She has some pretty solid advice for in the bedroom:

To keep things fresh, have sex in as many different places as you can. Role playing is always fun. And you know what turns a girl on more than anything? Take out the trash sometimes.

Although she has some very specific instructions:

Don't send me any pictures of that shaved junk either. I want it to be a mess down there! Not that smooth polished junk like you don't wanna get a scratch on it, 'cause I'm gon' scratch it up!

In 2013, SNL co-star Kenan Thompson said the lack of diversity in the cast was due to the fact that "black women aren't ready," and she has some choice words to say back to him:

There's motherfuckin' three bitches I can call right now, goddammit, that will fill that spot. Just because you don't know them, that don't mean that they don't fucking exist. That's like saying Italy does not exist. Motherfucker, yes, it does. I've been there.

Although, she did talk it out with him:

I came at him, like, 'I heard what you said, motherfucker.' He said, 'Come in, close the door, let's talk.'

And since then, she's said they're "best friends on the show."

When it comes to giving advice to comedians for finding their comedic voice, she says:

It takes 10 years to become funny, first of all. You don't start thinking about your voice until you REALLY realize that you're funny. I pretty much know who I am as a person, so that's why my voice is so real. Because I'm honest. It took me a long time to accept myself, people, and once I did, it was on and crackin.'

Her thoughts on "crazy bitches" are valid:

And her advice for aspiring comedic writers is pretty great too:

First of all, sit your parents down, and tell them that you want to be paid for something the rest of your life that you have passion for. And tell them, "Let's make a deal. If this doesn't work for the first five years, then I'll go and be a doctor." That's kind of like the deal I had with my dad because I was on full athletic scholarship, and I wanted to quit to become a comedian. Basically ... I just quit and became a comedian and he didn't approve. But he DID approve after he saw how funny I was. In saying that, if you want to be a writer, then concentrate on being a writer. If you want to be an actor, concentrate on being an actor, because they're two different things. I got hired as a writer because I was a talented comedian for 27 years before. So it takes time.

We can all relate to her dating struggles, too:

It's hard to date now. Remember back in the day all you had to ask a man was: 'Are you single?' Now? It's a whole interview. 'Are you single? Are you on drugs? Are you gay? Are you sure?

And lastly, you need to begin thinking of yourself as a sweater:

It's time to start liking who the f*ck you are. I'm not perfect, but I'm starting to get comfortable, like a sweater you want to wear all the time.