82-Year-Old Totally Crushes This Heavy Metal Hit On 'America's Got Talent'


You guys remember a little show called "America's Got Talent"?

Yeah, OK, me neither. But apparently that show is still going, and 82-year-old John Hetlinger is taking full advantage of that.

On Tuesday night, Hetlinger took the "America's Got Talent" stage with confidence.

First, he has a nice chat with Simon Cowell about repairing the Hubble Space Telescope when he was an aerospace engineer.

He also very sweetly says being on the show is a highlight in his 82 years of life. So cute, right? The audience eats it up, applauding and cheering Hetlinger on.

Finally, it's time for Hetlinger to show his talent. And then — and this is absolutely my favorite thing to ever happen on this show — the opening notes to Drowning Pool's "Bodies" start to play.

And this dude just freaking GOES FOR IT.

Nothing will ever be better than the audience's reaction to an 82-year-old man screaming,

Let the bodies hit the FLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR!

The judges are speechless, and by the end, Simon Cowell just can't keep it together.

Meanwhile, Drowning Pool, the original band, was totally into it and even invited Hetlinger to perform with them.

If you're interested in John Hetlinger's story, he started doing karaoke after he retired. This video of him performing the same Drowning Pool song at a party blew up and got him to the show.

His voice might not be perfect, but you cannot deny he's got style. You keep on rocking out, dude.

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