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8 Jokes To Familiarize Yourself With New 'Daily Show' Host Trevor Noah


Earlier this year, Jon Stewart announced he was stepping down as host of "The Daily Show." 

For nearly two decades, he made us laugh to the point of nearly needing an appendectomy.

When he announced his retirement, the world stood still for a moment as we all held our breath and thought, "Who could replace such a legend?"

Well, ladies and gentleman, today, that question has been answered with none other than Trevor Noah, which he confirmed today on his Twitter account.

Sadly, some people aren't all-too-familiar with the 31-year-old comedian.

He was born and raised in South Africa during Apartheid. Now, just as a refresher, Apartheid was a law in South Africa that made it illegal for blacks and whites to interact with each other.

So, Kimye would've been illegal, as well as baby North, for example.

However, Trevor is a mixed-race baby, so he was just as illegal as say, heroin. His mother was from the Xhosa community -- you know, that pretty cool clicking language. And, his dad is from Switzerland.

Anyway, we all know that mixing chocolate with milk brings about great things — like cocoa puffs cereal, yum.

And, it has also given us Trevor Noah, a comedic genius and a great replacement to Jon Stewart.

Don't believe me? How about some jokes of his:

On Oscar Pistorius

On his Twitter bio

On Miley Cyrus

On terrorism

On his parents

On white people

On Black Americans

On racism

So congratulations and welcome, Trevor Noah!