50 Cent Roasts His Ex-GF After She Hinted He Might Be Gay

50 Cent stays wildin' out on Instagram, and clearly he's a man who gives zero f*cks about the feelings of others.

His latest victim was none other than one-time girlfriend Vivica A. Fox. Fox and 50 dated back in 2003 and had a pretty wild breakup.

I haven't heard much about them since the breakup, but when Vivica went on "Watch What Happens: Live," she definitely implied some sh*t.

Vivica A. Fox called 50 Cent a "booty snatcher" and implied there was something weird going on between him and Soulja Boy.

TheDaily411 on YouTube

50 Cent heard and immediately went into roast mode.


Fox had to know she was going to get called out by the best in the game.


It didn't take long for 50 to go straight for the jugular.


Vivica knew this was all going to happen after, right?!


She had to know because 50 stays strapped with the memes for days!


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