Insane '13 Reasons Why' Theory Will Make You Rethink Everything About The Show


It's been two weeks since Netflix dropped its latest binge-able teen drama "13 Reasons Why," so of course most of you guys have probably torn through it already.

And if you have finished the series already, you might have a few questions. Thankfully, some folks on the internet have an explanation for what really went down in that last episode.

Obviously, I'm going to have to spoil some things to explain this theory, so if you haven't finished "13 Reasons Why" yet, save this article for after you have.


OK, let's get into it. So, in the season finale, we see all the people Hannah named in her tapes coming forward to admit their actions led to Hannah's suicide.

The only one who doesn't is Alex. Instead, we learn Alex has shot himself in the head, and is in critical condition at the hospital. We end the season not knowing if he lives or dies following his suicide attempt.

But what if Alex didn't actually shoot himself. A few people are putting forward the theory Alex was shot by someone else — namely, the high school's resident photographer/stalker Tyler Down.


It actually makes a lot of sense when you look at Tyler's actions in the series. In the episode that ends with Alex being taken to the hospital, we find out Tyler has bought a gun, and then in the finale we see he's actually been starting his own arsenal as he hides multiple guns in his room.

In the last shot of Tyler, we see him in his photo lab looking at pictures he's taken of the rest of the students named in Hannah's tapes. He stops in front of the picture of Alex and takes it down.

Could this mean Tyler is killing everyone involved in Hannah's suicide one by one, and Alex was first? That's what some people are thinking! Why else would he have all those guns?

I feel like this serial killer Tyler theory actually does kind of makes sense, although it is super dark.

We're just going to have to hope for a second season to either confirm or disprove the theory.

Right now, it's up in the air whether Netflix is going to give the show another season, but the author of the book it's based on told Entertainment Weekly he hopes there will be a second season, so it sounds pretty likely!

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