’13 Reasons Why’ Fans Are Furious About This Troubling Tweet


It's no secret 13 Reasons Why has caused quite a stir since its March 2017 Netflix release, and its official Twitter account recently came under fire for a tweet many believe to be harmful. Warning: the rest of this article discusses issues of abuse, suicide, and sexual assault.

The focus on one character's suicide made some question whether or not the show was glorifying the act, though loyal fans have stood by the series amid backlash. Now, however, even those who love the show can't support a contentious 13 Reasons Why tweet about Justin and Jessica, as the nature of their relationship is so toxic.


On July 10, the show's Twitter account, @13ReasonsWhy, posted a tweet that featured the caption, "Always. #13ReasonsWhy" along with a photo of Jessica and Justin displaying "I am enough" across the top of the picture. The tweet, caught by Seventeen, has since been deleted.

Typically this is a sentiment that fans would relate to, but Justin and Jessica's problematic relationship has left viewers lashing out.

Some aren't happy with the show's decision to spotlight this toxic relationship.

Despite its unhealthy nature, people felt that Jessica and Justin's romance was being glorified.

No one can forget Justin's horrific behavior.

The two experienced an emotionally abusive relationship and Jessica is even raped by Justin's friend, Bryce, so this is not the typical #couplegoals fans hope to see during a show. In fact, it's just the opposite.


Many are not pleased with the way the issues of rape and abuse seem to have been disregarded with that particular tweet. Even though the show covers heavy topics, it's clear from this backlash that fans want it to be portrayed in an appropriate manner.

Earlier this year, the show decided to add new trigger warnings before each episode, in addition to the specific warnings that were already included in the episodes. Additionally, Selena Gomez, an executive producer on the show, promises the next season will be "more empowering," according to Cosmopolitan.