This '13 Reasons Why' Season 2 Hint From Miles Heizer Shuts Down Theory About Alex

by Caitlin Flynn

In case you missed it, Season 2 of "13 Reasons Why" is headed to our small screens in 2018 and fans of the series are collectively freaking out. The most talked-about TV series of 2017 left viewers with some cliffhangers — and Alex's fate was a major one.

When the season ended, Alex was in the ICU after suffering a gunshot wound to the head — and a dark fan theory emerged suggesting that Tyler had shot him. The theory also hinged on further speculation that Tyler was planning a school shooting, which is why he had a box full of guns and photos of his classmates hanging in his room.


In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Miles Heizer (who plays Alex) shut down the theory that Tyler shot his character — and pointed out that there were hints throughout the season that Alex was veering towards a suicide attempt.

"It was interesting to see similarities between Alex and Hannah, because there are a lot of warning signs throughout the season," Heizer said.

He also hopes that Alex survived and the aftermath of the suicide attempt is explored:

"That's another subject that's very rarely shown onscreen and is probably a lot more common than people think it is. People attempting to take their lives and it not happening, I'm sure that will bring a crazy set of issues. It would be interesting to go into that."

This doesn't mean the possibility of a school shooting is completely off the table — in the finale, Tyler was shown staring at his classmates' photos. But, after having a flashback of Alex sticking up for him when he was bullied, Tyler removed his photo — a possible sign that, if he was planning an attack, he'd spare Alex.

Like Heizer, I really hope that Alex survived his suicide attempt and the show explores his path to recovery. In Season 2, "13 Reasons Why" needs to send a strong message that suicide isn't glamorous and it's most definitely never the solution to a person's problems. With the right treatment and support, there is a happier, healthier future on the other side.

If you or someone you know are experiencing suicidal thoughts, call 911, or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.


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