Fans Totally Lost It After The Major Death On The 'Empire' Premiere

Empire/Fox Television

It almost feels like this should go unsaid, but...




We good? Good.

The end of season two of "Empire" left the Lyon family and their frenemies in a series of outrageous situations.

Anika is pregnant with Hakeem's baby! Hakeem's marrying Laura! Hakeem's not marrying Laura! Rhonda remembers Anika pushing her down the stairs and causing her miscarriage! Rhonda and Anika fight on the balcony at Hakeem's wedding!

Someone gets pushed to her death!

Wednesday night's season three premiere kept up the insane momentum of the previous season's finale by diving (not sorry) right in with a major character's death.


RIP Rhonda , you will be missed #Empire pic.twitter.com/nq3RdSJP8Q — brady (@thatguybrady) September 22, 2016

Fans were not ready to say goodbye to Rhonda.

When you hype to see #Empire back on and then Rhonda dies in the first two minutes .. pic.twitter.com/3ShLNpjrqN — Newby II (@DiddyTheBoy) September 22, 2016
No Not Rhonda Jesus!! #Empire pic.twitter.com/4uMqfWFRkQ — Connie Splading!! (@LetAnthonyRock) September 22, 2016
Rhonda death got me like: #Empire pic.twitter.com/RPkByo3eqk — Mona.Lisa (@_QweenJah) September 22, 2016
LAWD IT WAS RHONDA!!!! SHE DEAD!!!! OH LAWD!!!! #Empire pic.twitter.com/J747EIfQ4E — candyce (@CandyceLA) September 22, 2016

Many agreed it should have been Anika who plunged to her death.

When I found out Rhonda fell and not Anika #Empire pic.twitter.com/SAyb7iTxrI — Michael J. Woodard (@MichaelJWoodard) September 22, 2016
They really killed Rhonda and not Anika #Empire pic.twitter.com/w3CBTyuT6g — Prince Apocolyspe (@PrinceApocolysp) September 22, 2016

While some were just left shellshocked after suffering such a significant loss at the top of the episode.

They just moving on with this show and I'm still shook about Rhonda like .... #Empire pic.twitter.com/hkFccf7cXc — Lawrence MP. Edwards (@MisterPrinceLE) September 22, 2016
Rhonda fell and Boo Boo Kitty is about to have the baby, and its only 9:04, this is a season premiere! #Empire pic.twitter.com/DUrCjNTouO — FATHA. (@CHRIVENCHY) September 22, 2016
They killed off Rhonda in the first 5 mins! #Empire pic.twitter.com/wAW2DZJdwt — Ms. Dream Chaser (@mydreamzrcloser) September 22, 2016

Real "Empire" fans are ~messy bitches who live for drama~ and took Rhonda's death as a sign of a crazy third season.

Rhonda dead, it's a girl& Lucious mad and Andre about to spiral out of control... I'm here for it #Empire pic.twitter.com/vw2O3eK7B0 — Savanna (@AdroitTeen) September 22, 2016

Goodnight, Rhonda. We'll never forget you.

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