'Nad Bilzerian' Is A Hilarious Poor Man's Version Of The Instagram Legend (Photos)

Dan Bilzerian is a poker player from Las Vegas who has gained a reputation for living a cooler life than you ever will.

Remember the guy who threw a porn star off the roof of his house and into a swimming pool? That was him.

Girls, guns and gambling are recurring themes on Bilzerian's Instagram feed, but a major reason he's able to live the lifestyle that he does is that he has millions of dollars.

I'm willing to guess that if he wasn't super rich, his feed would look slightly different.

In fact, I'm guessing his pictures would resemble those of Nad Bilzerian, a self-proclaimed poor player who occasionally plays Go Fish.

He might not be as legendary as Dan, but he's doing what he can with the resources that he has.

Two chicks at the same time

The Executive Suite

His pool parties are off the chain

Nad Bilzerian rides in style no matter where he's going

He only hangs with the hottest girls

He's a gambler, too (but the stakes are slightly lower)

Gun fever is alive and well

I'm surprised he's flying commercial in the first place

Racks on racks on racks

Fish Tanks: The Ultimate Status Symbol

Leo's yacht in Rio has nothing on this


Photos Courtesy: Instagram