This Guy Will Sell You Dead Leaves For The Low Price Of $19.99

Everyone knows fall is a magical time of year.

Fall means it's finally sweater weather, you can get pumpkin-spiced everything and, of course, it's leaf peeping season.

And leaf peeping is serious business.

In 2014, Mike Snyder, Vermont's chief foliage forecaster, estimated the foliage business causes a $460 million tourism influx each fall.

And now, Kyle Waring, a 27-year-old from Somerville, Massachusetts, is cashing in on the trend too with his new website,

Waring's pitch is simple: For the low price of $19.99 he will personally pick, package and ship three perfectly preserved New England leaves straight to your door.

Each package, according to the site, comes complete with three leaves; one red, one yellow and one green or mixed leaf. Leaves are approximately 3" x 6" though sizes may vary.

Think that's ridiculous? Tell that to the 75 people who placed orders with his site in the first 24 hours.

Of his explosive growth, Waring told Mashable,

I expected less sales ... So I'm trying to build out my network of collectors and streamline my preservation process.

Waring will surely work out all the kinks in this business because he has plenty of practice.

Prior to launching his foliage company, Waring was the proud founder of, a company that, you guessed it, shipped snow around the world.

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