There's A Way To Move On When It Feels Like You'll Never Stop Thinking About Him


If you’ve winced at his memory, fought the urge (whether successfully or not) to glance at his social media accounts and/or have stared blankly at the texting thread between the two of you, this is for you.

Getting over someone is never an easy task to dominate. You can’t erase someone from your memory with a swift "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" procedure. There’s no exact science or step-by-step process, but there ARE ways to begin changing your mentality; although, it will take time.

If he is no longer part of your life, it’s important to stop looking at the names and faces who continue to like, favorite and comment on his posts. It's also important to stop thinking of them as threats.

He’s not yours, and he never was. He belongs to the world, but so do you. You have hopes and dreams; focus on those. Make your life better.

The girl posting links to music videos on his wall is so far removed from anything relevant to your life, and she certainly won't help you become a better, more productive person. Stop looking at her as an adversary, and stop letting her drain energy from you that you could dedicate toward your goals.

I no longer believe that anything in life is “meant to be.” However, I do believe that sometimes, timing doesn’t work and can act as an obstacle. I believe that sometimes, the very thing that fell apart could come together later on. It happens constantly; flames are rekindled every day.

However, you can’t regard your life in the present moment as an intermission between items of significance that are out of your control. Your life is Act I, II, every sequel and every upcoming performance.

You can’t waste your life waiting. You can only spend it achieving; achieve for yourself and for no one else. You have one life and one chance to chase your dreams and wake up in living reverie.

He doesn’t hold the key to your success — you do.

Once you set the individual components in motion to accomplish your dreams, everything else will fade into the background or disappear completely. Priorities will become more obvious, and you will start to realize what really matters. Your happiness, as well as your personal and professional successes, will be the only things that truly matter.

What doesn't matter are the girls in his life. In fact, his life, as a whole, no longer matters to you. Whether he’s making millions or is between jobs, it does not make the slightest difference in reference to you fulfilling your own life.

Go to places about which you fantasize. Move to new cities. Talk to everyone. Read. Eat alone. Let yourself feel creative and inspired. Cry tears of sadness and joy. Fall for someone again. Get the job. Get promoted.

Do it, and do it for yourself, so that when you look back, you’re not missing a character in the play, but giving a standing ovation and hoping for an encore performance.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It