Yelp-Type Review For Men

We live in a generation where information is constantly right at our fingertips. Worrisome about stepping foot into a certain restaurant? Want to know what customer service will be like at a new location? No worries. There are websites for that.

One of the most popular directory services out there right now is Yelp. People everywhere turn to Yelp for reviews on a multitude of topics, so it was only fitting that a company would form to aid women with one of the most coveted reviews out there.

A review of men. The app is called Lulu and its function is simple: to let women review the men that they know and search a database for other guys in the process. You can rate any guy you know: friends, relatives, current partners, exes, etc.

The only downside, you can’t necessarily write a scathing review. Users are limited to a drop-down menu with positive and negative qualities, in order to be semi fair to the men who can in fact see their ratings, and of course, remove themselves from the database if they wish.

Interesting. Would you use such an app? I mean, how awkward for the guys?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images