39 Reasons Why You Won't Be Responding To Another One Of His Texts, Ever Again

Texting is too easy of a method of communication, which is why some people abuse it while others don't know what to do with it. As with anything, there is a certain set of mannerisms to follow.

Unfortunately, more often than not, those mannerisms get tossed out the window and the creepers rear their ugly heads.

From 6-scroll text paragraphs, to 17 unanswered messages, to a mass influx of "what you doing?" Facebook chats — these people know no bounds.

So what happens next? What would drive a girl to ignore your messages? Are you inundating her inbox? Or are you just flat out saying really, really weird sh*t? Whatever it is, she has every right to ignore you. And here is why:

1. Because he only texts you on the weekends

2. Because he only texts you in the wee hours of the morning

3. Because your friends hate him

4. And so do your parents

5. And so do you, secretly

6. His ex-girlfriend is your friend

7. His girlfriend is your friend

8. He sends you bipolar rants

9. Then only hits you up when he needs something

10. And then pretends nothing is wrong when you run into each other

11. And then texts you again calling you a scumbag for not acknowledging his existence

12. He got ugly

13. He's too cheap to pay for your cab home

14. The sex was wack

15. If he only takes you out to drinks and never meals

16. Because he sends you 7-scroll text message paragraphs

17. He inadvertently becomes a stalker

18. Because he Facebook messages you when you ignore his texts

19. And then resorts to emails when said messages also go unanswered

20. Because he only asks you about your plans after the pregame

21. Because he refuses to ever do something with your friends

22. His grammar is f*cking terrible

23. Seriously you don't know the difference between "than" and "then"?

24. Or "your" and "you're"?

25. Because you heard through the grapevine he has STDs

26. A much more attractive option has reared its head

27. Uh, because you forgot to since you were too busy living your life

28. He hit up your best friend at the same time

29. He hit up your friend for the same reason the weekend before

30. Because he thinks an emoticon is an appropriate and valid response to a question you asked

31. He sends unrequested dick pics

32. He creepily backstalks your default pictures

33. He requested you on Snapchat simultaneously

34. Because you sent him a screenshot of your conversation together by accident

35. Because it's after 2 am and nothing good ever comes after that

36. He used the word "bae" in a serious manner

37. He sends you flowery good morning texts that make you question his sexuality

38. Because you were "sleeping"

39. Because you met him on Tinder

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr