Taking to TikTok, people have been sharing the worst breakup texts they've ever received.
People Are Posting Their Worst Breakup Texts On TikTok And Ouch

Trust issues: activated.

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Breaking up over text is a huge dating faux pas, but that doesn’t mean that it never happens. In fact, breakup texts are sent all too often. At best, they’re awkward. At worst, however, these texts can be spiteful, mean-spirited, and almost enough to make you want to give up on finding love altogether. (And that’s not even an exaggeration.) Recently, people have been sharing their worst breakup texts on TikTok — and even though I’m not on the receiving end of these brutal messages, I’m second-hand hurt for those who have gotten them.

There’s a range to these breakup texts — from a simple “nahhh” to a corporate-sounding farewell — but all of them are brutal. TBH, even the nice breakup texts are frowned upon. “I cringe every time I hear that someone got dumped in a text,” online dating expert Julie Spira previously told Elite Daily. “It’s a 'drive-by breakup,' and if someone doesn’t see it coming, it can be devastating for the person on the receiving end.”

And that’s the best-case scenario. For these TikToks, it’s even worse. In these videos, it seems like people have a hard time toeing the line between being honest and being cruel. (Who knew that’d be such a tough distinction to make?)

In no particular order, here are 10 of the worst breakup texts on TikTok. But be warned, you might never look at your phone the same way again.

This Breakup Text That Uses The Word “Repulse”

Imagine your boyfriend ghosting you for 72 hours only to send, “I’m sorry I just don’t know how to tell a person that they suddenly repulse me,” as an apology. That’s the story behind this TikTok, and I’ve never been more second-hand mad for another person. Repulse, really??

This Breakup Text About “Not Being Attracted To Your Body”

This video was a journey, and that makes the breakup text all the more upsetting. In what world can you justify sending, “I really hope you don’t take this the wrong way... But I’m just not attracted to your body and I feel like if this moves forward it would me fake... You know?” I repeat: You know? The audacity of this person to send this text and expect the receiver to agree with them.

This Breakup Text That’s The Definition Of Apathetic

Screaming at the fact that this person typed out the words, “have a nice life or die idc,” and then hit send. Please, someone contact their mom.

This Breakup Text About Feeling “Rushed”

OK, so saying that you feel “rushed” is not exactly the equivalent of insulting a person’s body (or not caring if they died), but the timeline of this TikTok is hard to see. Going from “I want this to work more than anything please” to “I just feel like this is being really rushed and idk if I’m ready for it” in only eleven days is wild.

This Breakup Text About The Future

Hearing that your partner thinks you are incompatible is tough, but getting a text that says, “I can’t see a future whatsoever so I’m done,” is way worse. There’s a lesson here: you really don’t have to be *that* honest.

This Breakup Text That Doesn’t Acknowledge A Relationship At All

It’s one thing to get dumped, it’s another to hear that your partner never really felt like you were together. “We were never together” might not be a classic breakup text — considering it implies that there is nothing to break off — but it’s definitely a hurtful one.

This Body-Shaming Breakup Text (Part 1)

Based on this video, it looks like the TikToker was actually the one to call things off, but that didn’t stop her ex from lashing out. “That’s alright I ain’t into girls that big anyways,” their message read. Big yikes.

This Body-Shaming Breakup Text (Part 2)

OK, so it’s unclear from this video how serious the relationship was — it might have just been a fling. Still, calling things off because someone was “crushing you” is messed up. And telling them that they’re “a little too overweight for me” is even worse. Good riddance.

The “Nahhh” Breakup Text

In what might be the most blasé breakup text ever, this person simply sent, “Nahhh,” when asked about future plans. When pressed, he wrote, “Tbh I think I’m done sadly... Done with everything.” When asked for a reason, his response was... unsatisfactory: “I’m no where near adult.” Consider this bullet dodged.

This Breakup Text That Feels Very Corporate

To be fair, this breakup text isn’t rude, it’s just a little unfeeling. IMO, if someone is using the phrase “follow up” in a non-work email, it’s immediately a red flag... And when it’s in a breakup text, the professional tone just feels off. But hey, at least they didn’t body-shame, them. Bare minimum, who?

Take these TikToks as your sign to skip the breakup text, have the conversation in person, and keep the word “repulse” out of it.


Julie Spira, dating expert