Women Play The Same Game As Men: 7 Signs She's Just Not That Into You

We are past the days of handing out numbers on napkins and leaving messages on answering machines with hopes of getting a call back. Today, a stranger’s number can be in the palm of your hand in an instance.

So what if Mr. Right doesn’t call you back? Instead of watching your friend wait around for someone to call or helping to decode a text message, women tell each other that he’s simply not interested. That's what society and movies tell us, at least.

Many Hollywood blockbusters, however, neglect the fact that women, too, play the same game as men. Men, have you ever wondered the real reason why she didn't text you back?

Even if she said she fell asleep early or left her phone at work, she’s probably just not that into you. So, men, listen up because we’re about to have a conversation; here's why women are playing the same game as men:

1. She talks about other guys.

When I really like someone, regardless if there is another man in the picture, I will never let him know. I do not let him know about the texts from other guys (even if it’s just a text from my gay friend or a guy who's asking me for help on an assignment).

When she’s just not that into you, she won't care if you know who called or texted. You'll know the guys to whom she’s talking, joining on dates and hooking up with. You'll even know about her ex-boyfriend, in great detail.

She'll tell you a lot more than you should know, and sometimes, she’ll tell you more than you want to know. Sometimes, she’ll even let you know about guys she finds attractive. Even if you brush it off a few times, this is a huge red flag. She’s just not that into you.

2. She only hangs out with you in public places or with other people.

She does this because she doesn’t want to risk you making a move on her. She’ll rarely, if ever, ask you to come over her place, and she always has an excuse to not go to yours.

She will sometimes make an appearance, but only to watch Netflix with you AND your roommates. The time you spend with her is not intimate, and she may even describe it to her friends as hanging out with her brother.

3. When you offer to walk her home at night, she always declines.

One night, I fell down icy steps and broke my nose. My guy friend saw it happen and made sure I was okay. He insisted on walking me home that night, but I insisted I didn't need him to do so.

I knew if he did, we would face an awkward goodbye and I would have to potentially turn him away.

Of course, this is a majorly chivalrous move; it's nice when guys offer to walk a lady home, especially if a broken bone is involved. If a girl declines this, she’s not interested in you. She doesn’t want you to walk her home if she's afraid she'll have to dodge a kiss.

4. She never answers your calls when she’s out.

If she does, she’s answering from a bathroom. She doesn’t want the guy with whom she’s talking to see you calling, but she fears you’ll keep calling, so she runs to the bathroom to see what you want.

Sometimes, she won’t answer at all. You rarely cross her mind when she's out.

5. She always pays for herself when you guys are out to eat together.

If you guys are out to eat, she makes sure you won't misinterpret it for a date. I always offer to pay for myself when I am out to eat with a guy, but if I really like someone who insists on paying, I let it happen.

If I'm not interested in a guy, I don’t want it to feel like I owe him something. So, when a girl tells a waiter, "We’re splitting the check,” it means she’s just not that into you.

6. She doesn’t always laugh at your jokes.

When a girl genuinely likes a guy, she laughs at almost everything he says. I know this because I see it happen, and it's often hard not to roll my eyes. Girls use their laughter as flirting devices. If they like a guy, they'll make him think he is the funniest person in the world.

If she doesn’t like him, she won’t make that extra effort to chuckle at a quasi-funny joke. So, next time you have a joke up your sleeve, listen closely to how she reacts.

7. She’d pick hanging out with her girlfriends on a Friday night over you.

My girlfriends and I always say that Friday nights are for the girls. So, when I get offers from guys to hang out and I’m not interested, the answer is always, “Sorry, I have other plans.”

If my crush suggests we hang out on a Friday, and I already have plans, I'll suggest we reschedule, invite him and his friends to join me, or offer to meet up with him later.

Regardless, invite after invite, if she is constantly making excuses, she just isn’t that into you. If a girl wants to make it happen, she will.

Just as women deserve the absolute best, you do, too. A guy can play with a girl’s heart, but a girl can play that same game. If you think she’s just not that into you, let her go because the sooner you do, the sooner you will find someone who is truly into you.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It