15 Men Reveal What They Really Think Women Do When They Have A 'Girl's Night'

by Hope Schreiber

"Girls Night" is a sacred tradition among female friends. It means no guys allowed, no one you're dating can come and just THE GALS.

We speak of it so often. How many times have I hit the group text with, "I need a girls night like ASAP?"

The answer is: so many times, you guys, so many times. It's when our powers are full recharged that our coven is the strongest, and we take a lot of shots.

But what do men think goes down when we say there's a "girls night?" Some have their guesses...

Reddit user smallerthings starts us off with a pretty solid answer:

Depends on if it's a night in or out. If it's a night in, then I assume they drink wine, wear sweatpants, watch a terrible movie. If they go out, they all get super dressed up. Everyone shows up late as fuck everywhere. Pre-game at someone's house and get really loud, go out to a club because they just want to dance, eventually someone is going to cry.

I would add that sometimes when one of us starts crying, it sets off a domino effect.

This following is true in my case, iamaprettykitty... so very true.

When my wife is on a 'girl's night' I'm pretty sure she's usually at her girlfriend's place having sex with her. That's what she claims anyway, and I trust her.

Also, A+ for the amount of trust in that relationship.

Well, Frank-Stallone, the truth is... we'll never tell! Shh!

They definitely fart.

HeIonizesAndAtomizes suggests,

Worship Satan, practice witchcraft, and watch cat videos.

So, dandaman64 has a pretty accurate answer as well.

A night filled with a violent barrage of drunken compliments.

"You're my best friend!" "No, YOU'RE MY BEST FRIEND." "You're SO PRETTY." "SHUT UP, YOU ARE."

Sorry to ruin the fantasy, baseballin22, but it is 100 percent not this.

Naked pillow fights.

Have you ever been hit full-force by a competitive friend in the face with a pillow? It hurts, man.

I-come-from-Chino thinks,

Drink, complain about their boyfriends/husbands or complain that they are single, and snarky comments to each other.

There's usually no snarky comments, in my experience. But we do certainly trash talk the fuckboys in our lives.

Guilty as charged, agzz21.

They talk about the sex they have with their boyfriends (if they are in a relationship). From what I've heard, they talk about it more than men do and with so much detail. You would think they were writing an erotic novel.

I know more about my friends' boyfriends' penises than I care to admit.

Come on, longbox_jockey. What's the FIRST rule?!

White wine, pedicures, Karaoke, then Fight Club.


And apparently, a lot of guys like chksum think,


Yikes, who hurt you, chksum?

Meanwhile, CognitiveDissident7 brought up some childhood memories...

My mom used to kick my dad, sister and brother out for 'girls night' turns out they were smoking weed.

Obviously, rabidnz has been to a girls night or two.

Netflix and Jill.

The rest of us follow behind whoever is the most powerful, Sine_Habitus....

Isn't this when they sync their periods?

There are very few who have the ability to keep their wits about them, SoNotTheCoolest.

I know for a fact, having been to one that Girls Night is a night in which a group of women plan on hitting the town to have some quality Girl Time™. But then around 10:30-11:00pm 1 or 2 of the girls decide that they wanna get laid instead, so they get extra drunk and go on the prowl, leaving the rest of the girls to make sure they don't fuck up royally. Then everyone somehow manages to get home safely, whether the one girl scores or not is ultimately unimportant.

And the true reasoning behind girls night, according to vismundcygnus34, is...

Think of questions that will make us look bad no matter what the answer.

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