Women Admit The Weird Thing Their BF Did That Made Them Know He's Marriage Material

When I was single and watching all of my friends get engaged and married before the age of 26, I started only ever asking them one question: "How did you know he was 'the one'?"

I tried to study their answers so closely, so that if or when I met a guy I liked enough to go out with past date three, I'd start to be able to tell if he was going to be my "one" based on the reasons they had.

Usually, my friends' answers weren't about the big things their husbands did for them when they were dating. Instead, most of my friends listed the little weird or unusual things their partner's did that made them realize they were dating someone they could spend their lives with.

Just read these seven moments from real women who admit the weird things their BFs did that made them realize he is true marriage material:

1. He helped me when I was sick.

There was one day we were taking the train from DC, and I got food poisoning. It was awful. I started throwing up everywhere and the entire train car had to evacuate. He should have left with them. We had only been dating three months, and I was so sick. He ran to the bathroom, got paper towels and cleaned me up, though. It was a gross moment that made me realize, 'Oh, wow, this guy is a keeper!'

— Tami G., 27

2. He took care of his sister's baby.

I've been dating my boyfriend for three years, and I always saw myself eventually marrying him. But I also wasn't sure if he was really the right person because he never seemed to mention or talk about wanting to have kids — and I always wanted to have babies. One weekend, his sister went out of town, and we watched her baby. He took such good care of her, and when I watched how he stayed up all night to be with her when she cried, I realized he is the one for me. And he does want kids; he was just scared to admit that.

— Laura F., 21


3. He did my taxes.

It was like 15 days before my taxes were due, and I didn't even start them yet. He came over, dropped everything he had to do, took a day off work and did them for me without complaining. It was in that moment I realized he would do anything for me, and I knew that meant he was 'the one.'

— Erin V., 24

4. He supported a giant career change.

I decided to change careers. I had just finished law school and a year working as a lawyer at a local firm. I hated it. I wanted to go back to school to become a professor. Any other guy would have told me I was crazy to become a professor and go back to school. He sat me down and told me he supported me no matter what. That's when I knew I wanted to be with him for life.

— Beth S., 29

5. He let me have the bed to myself.

Whenever I go out with my girls and come home drunk, my boyfriend, whom I've lived with for a year already, let's me sleep on the bed, and he takes the couch. I'm an annoying drunk sleeper and take up the whole bed and push him off usually. So now, when he knows I'm going out with the girls, he goes to sleep on the couch. It's a little thing like that that show me he cares so much about me and will have my back in the future if we spend our lives together.

— Liz E., 23

6. He brushed my hair.

I literally broke my wrist last summer right when I got a new job. I couldn't do my hair, and I didn't want people at work to think I was a mess. So my boyfriend would wake up early to do my hair for me! He would literally brush it every morning, and one time, he even curled it. What kind of guy does that? Most would just say, 'Go to a salon.' He didn't make me feel bad about asking him once. I was so in love with him in that moment and realized he was a keeper.

— Georgia V.,  25

7. He bought me tampons.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years. I knew he was 'the one' about a year ago when we were traveling together to Utah. I got my period in the middle of the trip, but I forgot tampons. I only like a certain brand, and he went from store to store looking for them, while I stayed at home because of my cramps. It took him 30 miles of driving and five stores, but he found them. What a freakin' winner he is!

— Victoria J., 28