The 25 Real Distinctions Between A Womanizer And A Gentleman

I’m no stranger to the ways of men, yet I’m still utterly susceptible to them.

There's no denying some men have charm and others have game. The difference between the two, however, can take a woman many years and one-too-many heartbreaks to distinguish.

The older she gets, the more men she encounters and, inevitably, the harder she becomes.

Because for every nice guy out there, there are at least four more assh*les.

Thus, she learns to put herself on the defense and, like those pesky scam artists trying to rob us blind in the streets, she learns to spot the tricks.

She also has a hard time believing when a man is actually sweet and when he's just trying to get to her sweet spot.

If a man knows how to charm a woman, he’s many times considered a player, and women will try and figure out his game from the moment he offers to buy her a drink.

But there’s a very fine line between a player and a real gentleman. There’s a difference between the motives and the ways they go about approaching women.

Because when it comes to getting women, the means most definitely justify the ends.

Gentlemen pursue women because they actually like women. Players do it because they like the chase. Womanizers don't like women; they just want to f*ck them.

I’ve experienced both types of men in my life. I’ve experienced men who’ve tricked me, seduced me and played me for a fool.

I’ve also experienced men who truly loved, respected and understood me; the kind of men who've appreciated the value of a woman and let me shine without making me feel like just another shiny object with a good ass.

There's a difference between a man holding a door for you and a man trying to slam it behind you. Until you've experienced both, you'll never understand the true differences between a gentleman and a womanizer.

Womanizers pretend to love women; gentlemen actually love them.

Any man who acts like he loves all women, really just loves the idea of them. A real man loves the right woman and respects all the rest.

Womanizers think they understand women; gentlemen understand they never will.

The sign of a true player is a man who thinks he's figured women out. A real gentleman knows he'll never know anything, but he's willing to learn.

Womanizers are calculated; gentlemen go with the flow.

You know you're with a womanizer because he needs to plan. If his plan deviates, he doesn't know how to act. A gentleman could meet you right then and there and give you the best date of your life.

Womanizers see women as a prize to win; gentlemen see them as a gift.

Players are those who see the chase as a game. Real gentlemen see it as an honor.

Womanizers call you baby; gentlemen refuse to treat you like one.

Pet names are nice to hear, but they're usually what a guy calls you when he doesn't want to say your name.

Womanizers act like they don’t care; gentlemen can admit when they do.

It takes a real man to understand expressing his emotions is as courageous as holding them in.

Womanizers make empty promises; gentlemen never make you feel empty.

Players are all about grand ideas and bold gestures, but a gentleman knows reality is more honest than broken promises.

Womanizers try to compensate for something; gentlemen don't need anything.

A man who needs women to prove his worth is a man who'll never be worthy. Gentlemen find their worth in themselves and their pride in women.

Womanizers try to get in your pants; gentlemen don't mind if you wear them.

All men want sex; it doesn't make them bad. The men who refuse to see women as anything but objects of it, however, aren't real men.

Womanizers are smoke and mirrors; gentlemen are transparent.

Any man can take you to a fancy dinner and buy your affections. Only a true man can be real and let you decide how you feel without any tricks and gimmicks.

Womanizers get you drunk; gentlemen buy you drink.

There's a big difference between buying a woman a drink and getting her drunk.

Womanizers change how you look at men; gentlemen change how you look at yourself.

A player will plant a seed in woman that "men are bad," but a real man will take it out and replace it with a new one, one that grows beside her own self-worth.

Womanizers leave you in the dark; gentlemen lead you by hand.

Games are easy to play. They keep you guessing and many times women confuse their anxiety for love. A gentleman will never make you distinguish between the two.

Womanizers like looking for a hole; gentlemen will take you out of it.

The sign of a true player is a man who preys on women in weak moments. Gentlemen, however, are the men who heal the broken until they're ready to love again... even if it isn't them these women will love.

Womanizers want to get beside you; gentlemen want to get to know you.

Gentlemen will always be next to you, trying to grab on and lead you somewhere. Gentlemen will be across from you, looking at your face before feeling your ass.

Womanizers break you down; gentlemen build you up.

The prime characteristic of a player is his need to put women down to look better. Gentlemen don't need to wound their women to get their loyalty.

Womanizers play you; gentlemen don't treat love like a game.

A real man knows love isn't something you casually play around with. If you like someone, go for it. If you don't see yourself with her, stop making a mess.

Womanizers feed your insecurities; gentlemen feed your soul.

To make a woman feel bad about herself is easy, to make a woman feel good is honorable. Real men don't take cheap shots to win, they'd rather lose with honor.

Womanizers forget the details; gentlemen appreciate the fine lines.

Womanizers don't remember where you went to school or how many brothers you have because they don't care about who you are -- they only care about what you can give them.

Womanizers don't ask questions; gentlemen don't pretend to have all the answers.

Players don't care about you, so they don't ask about you. Gentlemen will ask questions for the rest of the night, realizing they'll never know enough about you.

Womanizers need constant attention; gentlemen only want to give you theirs

Players get women because they need to feel validated. Gentlemen need women because they want to feel loved.

Womanizers lack depth; gentlemen will follow you to the deepest points.

With a player, it's all about the surface. Gentlemen understand an emotional connection is just as explosive as a physical one.

Womanizers make their women jealous; gentlemen make men jealous of their women.

Real men don't need to feel admired by other men, but respected by the one woman who matters.

Womanizers want their women to lean on them; gentlemen want them to stand on their own.

Players love to prove their strength. Gentlemen understand the only woman worth chasing is the one who gives them a fair fight.

Womanizers go on trips; gentlemen take you on journeys.

Womanizers take you for nights and days; gentlemen take you to another place entirely.