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Woman Was 'Not Happy' With BF's Proposal So She Did Something About It


There are few moments in your life you expect to be perfect.

Perhaps, you believe the birth of your children will be perfect; you think some defining moment in your career will be stellar, or perhaps, you believe your wedding day will be the epitome of perfection.

For one woman, she believed her proposal should be perfect, and by all accounts, it was, but she wanted more.

In a post on Reddit's TIFU (Today I F*cked Up) thread, one man shared the story of how proposing to his girlfriend went from perfectly right to horribly wrong.

In the post, Reddit user Alceus writes,

Happy ending, right? WRONG. Alceus continues,

Ouch. Following the next-day rejection, the two reportedly got into a major fight.

According to Alceus, the girl even sent him a pizza at work to apologize. He said "I will eat the pizza but wont return her calls/messages..."

This relationship sounds like the height of maturity. You two for sure are wise enough to bond yourselves together in holy matrimony for all eternity.

But, in an absolutely insane twist, it appears the girl "counter-proposed" to our Reddit friend. In an update, Alceus says,

So what did he say? Get this: He said no. Alceus says he told the girl, "I am not ready yet, I need time to truly understand you."

I can't even deal with this love roller coaster. I need to go watch "The Notebook" and remember what real love should look like.