This Woman Beat Up Her Husband's 'Mistress' After She Caught Them Cheating

Daily Mail


Great song, I know. You're welcome for that.

But, I have a video that's even better than Brooke Valentine's "Girlfight" for you. I know you're thinking, "But, Candice, how? What could possibly be better than that music video?"

Well, let me tell you what could be better: live footage of a real girl fight. (OK, it's woman fight if we're being technical.)

A Chinese wife and all-around bad bitch was less than pleased when she ran into her husband and his "mistress" at China's Wenzhou Longwan International Airport. While I would deal with this shock and disappointment by maybe spilling a drink on them if I was feeling particularly feisty, this angry wife did not hold back, like, at all.

She decided to take a more aggressive route by simply beating the living shit out of the other woman. She also tried to strip her clothes off. Can't forget that part.

Even as her husband and other strangers at the airport tried to break the two women apart, the wife showed absolutely no mercy. It was a girl fight, and she was in it to WIN IT.

Yeah, it's pretty brutal stuff, right? I can't understand what she's saying, but I can imagine the words she was yelling as she literally pulled the other woman's shirt off her back were not very nice.

Now, I'm all about justice being served, and I can only imagine how heartbreaking and painful it would be to see your own husband all set to go on vacation with another woman. But beating this woman and stripping her in the middle of an airport? It seems just a little extreme to me.

Like, how about we beat up and strip your lying, cheating a-hole of a husband?

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