Why I Decided To Go Makeup-Free To All Of My First Dates

by Shikha Dhawan

Let me start by saying that I am not an extreme feminist by any stretch of the imagination.

I love it when guys open doors for me or pull out chairs. I am also happy when a guy pays half for a meal when we go out on a date. However, I like to conduct little social experiments like the following because they make life a bit more interesting for me.

Whenever I went on dates in my early 20s, I started to notice that other women out on dates really primped for the occasion -- namely for the guys. My friends would spend days preparing for a big date by going to waxing salons, hair salons and by shopping for a new dress and lingerie. A big date could sometimes cost hundreds just in preparation.

No Makeup

I tried to do things a little bit differently: I started going on dates wearing absolutely no makeup. I have clear skin, so it isn't as if I have blemishes to hide.

Additionally, I wore no mascara or foundation, no lipstick or even lip gloss. I still ensured that I was well-dressed, smelled nice and had no unsightly body hair. However, I wore not a stitch of makeup.

I noticed that a lot of the men who were on dates with extremely manicured women weren’t really trying very hard. They were wearing old, ratty jeans and sometimes, even sneakers. They didn't even bother to put on a collared shirt or some scent.

Guys' Reaction

How did guys react to my makeup-free status? To be honest, none of them even noticed the difference. They never commented, and if they did, they always put it complimentary, saying that it was nice I could go without makeup and still look good.

They always ended up saying the same thing: “Girls think that guys are attracted to girls who wear a lot of makeup, but I really like the next-door look — clean, and simple.” It was strange but nice to hear those words, as I continued to see women absolutely slathered with makeup.

Guys Are Clueless

I don't know if guys know when women are wearing makeup or not. In my case, they didn't care (or notice) and I went on plenty of second and third dates.

Since it seems that most men are oblivious to wearing a bit of makeup (they tend to not notice unless you’re wearing a whole lot of it), I suggest every woman to do whatever makes her feel the best about herself. If you feel pretty, you’ll most likely feel confident, which is way more attractive than any makeover.

No Games

Whatever you choose to do and however you choose to present yourself, do it for you, not to play a game. Manipulation will not land you your ideal man.

You are who you are as you are. What is the harm in letting him see what you really look like early on? Why start off with fake eyelashes, fake hair and a fake façade of makeup? Getting dolled up should be a once-in-a-while thing, not for every Tom, Dick or Harry who comes along.

Photo via We Heart It