Why Every Girl Can Count On Her Best Friend After A Bad Breakup


Since most of us have gone through heartbreak, we can agree that heartache is something that scientists should find a way to cure, ASAP. Realistically, there should already be a cure for this: it’s called your best friends.

The people who hear your deepest, darkest secrets; the ones to whom you run after something in your life goes either terribly wrong or outstandingly great; the one’s with whom you laugh uncontrollably about the stupidest things and most importantly, the one’s you make the time and effort to see.

After living in a sorority house and a house off-campus with seven of my closest girlfriends, I have concluded that during a friend’s heartbreak, her besties feel the heartache, too — and maybe to an even greater degree. Here are some reasons why:

We are the ones whom they call and text.

We get those teary phone calls and make time, even out of a busy day, to check up and talk about how the friend is feeling. Most importantly, we realize that this person puts so much trust in us that we love her even more.

The best friend always ends up getting angry with the heartbreaker.

Are you kidding? Is this guy oblivious? Does he not see how genuine and funny this girl is? If I had the chance to say something to the person who broke any of my best friends' hearts, it would definitely be more than what Charlotte told Mr. Big in “Sex And The City” because “I curse the day you were born” doesn’t do any justice.

We come to realize that this so-called gentleman, who promised your best friend that he loved her no matter what, turned back on his words.

The guy, who used to make her smile, has now made her miserable. You tell her repeatedly that this guy has no idea what he’s missing out on (and of course, that she can do way better, anyway).

Best friends are up for anything.

My best friends want to go out? Perfect. Oh, you want to egg and toilet paper his house? Okay, but you know I’ll either be there with you or will talk you out of it.

More realistically, best friends anticipate the “I need to get out, let’s go get drinks” statement. A night out is what you need after a break up. Dance and laugh the night away.

We are the ones who stop them from communicating with the heartbreakers.

There is no way we will allow a friend to text or call “him” in times of "need" if she's with us. If we must take the phone away after a couple drinks, we’ll do it.

We are the support system. We assure our lonely girl that if she needs someone with whom to talk, we will be the people in whom she can confide. Love is an addiction and a broken heart needs rehab. Best friends are therapists who don’t want the same mistake to be made again. We’ll be thanked after she completely moves on.

It comes down to best friends being loyal. From the texts to the phone calls to the coping processes, best friends’ main mission is to get the girl back on track.

During times of friends’ heartbreak, we become Oprah and Dr. Phil mixed. We will say anything — I repeat, anything — to make our best friends feel better.

If another girl is involved, best friends can be counted on to assure the heartbroken friend that she’s way better looking than the new girl.

We also assure her that she deserves way better than some scum bag who put way less effort into the relationship than she did. Most importantly, we are there to mend broken hearts, which is why we are our best friend’s true soul mates.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr