7 Reasons Cancers Are The Best Boyfriend Material In The Zodiac

by Tahyira Savanna

They're known as the crabs, but it isn't because they're shy.

Cancers are very intense, and once they have you in their sights, they will soon have you in their claws.

They take everything in pieces, and the first sign of "too much" sends them retreating back into those shells for safety.

They like it their way. They are a tad selfish at times, but that is never their intent.

These guys are very family oriented, yet they have a profound mystery to them. It makes for very interesting dating. Here are a few reasons why:

1. They make you believe chivalry is alive and well.

They are the dashing, handsome saviors who come to the rescue. If you're coming out of bad relationship, you will probably rebound with a Cancer.

They love showing they are different from the last guy, and they will go out of their way to prove it.

Showing off for the women they are into comes naturally for Cancers, but once actual emotions start pouring out, you may feel them start to crab up a bit. They need to go at their own pace or no pace at all.

It takes a woman who is pretty secure in herself to put up with their antics. They don't want to lose their sense of freedom, and at the same time, they don't want to risk losing someone who is meaningful to them.

2. They know what they want.

Unlike other signs, Cancers don't just happen upon situations that involve love and sexual connections.

They study their prey for a while, and many of them end up with women who they met through a mutual friend or at mutual place. They are always up for the challenge, and so they never take no for an answer.

They are masters at flirting, and they give women who they aren't necessarily into misleading attention. They just can't help it.

They want to be someone's one and only, and they even juggle being the one and only to many women at the same time. This is where the crabs rear their selfish heads.

They yearn for real connections, and so no matter how many they may have in their little black books, all of their relationships are meaningful to them.

3. They are secretly extremely sensitive.

When they feel like they have been emotionally stabbed, their shells come in handy. Like the other emotional signs of the zodiac (Pisces and Scorpio), it is hard for them to trust people.

These men are very sensitive and, at times, too sensitive. But, their testosterone only allows for minimal emotional outpour.

They make you feel extremely loved due to this sensitivity, and this is how they keep their women.

Even when they mess up, they turn to well thought out romantic gestures that make you sort of press the auto-forgive button.

4. They are international men of mystery.

They stand out from the crowds by choice. They love mystery and everything that goes along with it.

They want to be the ones viewed as "different." They want to be loved and loved deeply by women.

They don't fall in and out of love easily, but when they find the right one, everyone will be able to tell. They are very private, and their air of mystery can make the women in their lives feel like they're in a fairytale.

5. They put the C in charisma.

They have a lot of pride in their appearance, so they rarely go unnoticed. They make eye contact, something that most woman find attractive because it gives a sense of wanting.

They can charm the fish right out of the fish bowl. And you'll immediately pick up on their sexual overtones, even if they're just saying, "Can you pass me that napkin?"

6. They are fun to be around.

It is not only about sexual advances, however. Cancers are huge on friendship, and even at the end, they will offer their friendship to their ex-girlfriends.

They are the lover and the best friend wrapped up into one person. Many women set out to find men they can call their besties, so they are dead on with this one.

They want to be your friend, personal assistant, drinking buddy, smoking buddy and everything else in between.

7. They are family men.

If someone in their family needs them, they are gone. They are extremely loyal and protective, and they make good impressions on the women they seek out. They are the husband types.

They are the ones you can actually bring home to your mother without having to worry.

Dating a Cancer will have you running toward your romantic comedy film library to make sure you're not in some dream world where everything is actually coming true.