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Sasha Obama Reportedly Has A Boyfriend — Meet Clifton Powell

Oh, and he’s 6’5”.

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No matter who your mom is, there is a good chance that they’ll say too much about your dating life. Unfortunately, Michelle Obama is no exception, despite her years of media training as the former First Lady. During an April 19 interview on The Ellen Show, Michelle opened up about her family life, saying that her daughters — Malia and Sasha — have grown a lot since they last visited the talk show in 2008 to meet The Jonas Brothers. (Ah, simpler times.) She told Ellen DeGeneres, “They loved the Jonas Brothers. Before it was just, like, pop bands. Now they have boyfriends and real lives,” she explained. Um, hold up: I knew Malia was seeing Rory Farquharson, but who is Sasha dating? Meet Clifton Powell Jr., her rumored beau.

Though Sasha and Clifton have not confirmed anything themselves (and Michelle didn’t name any names), the reported couple was spotted together on a date in LA on April 21. According to a Daily Mail report, Sasha met Clifton Jr. after transferring from the University of Michigan to the University of Southern California in August 2021. It’s unclear if or when the duo started seeing each other romantically, but they were photographed hanging out together two days after Michelle’s candid relationship announcement.

Who Is Clifton Powell Jr.?

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As the “Junior” suggests, Sasha’s rumored boyfriend is the 24-year-old son of Ray actor Clifton Powell. He grew up in Los Angeles, attended Village Christian High School, and went to the University of California, Santa Barbara to play basketball (though Page Six reports that he transferred out his freshman year).

Unfortunately, that’s about as much as there is to know about Sasha’s reported SO — besides the fact that he’s 6’5”. He doesn’t have a public Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook. However, his dad does post a birthday ode to him every year on IG. In 2021, he wrote that his son “bring[s] soooo much joy to me and to all that [he] touch[es].” For his sake, I hope that’s true — I wouldn’t want to get on the Obamas’ bad side.

As for their current relationship status, all we have right now is Michelle’s word. And although I’m inclined to believe her, I’m still hoping Sasha shares more deets soon.